Case Studies

A few examples of how we've assisted landlords to resolve their rent arrears and maintain their tenancies:

Case One London Borough of Hounslow

Housing benefit claim stopped when the claimant’s ESA was suspended, resulting in the claimant incurring arrears amounting to nearly £4,000. CLS assisted the landlord and worked with the tenant to recover a backdated Housing Benefit payment of £3,873.74 on behalf of the landlord, with the tenant additionally receiving a £4,000.00 ESA payment.

Case Two London Borough of Lambeth

Claimants housing benefit was suspended due to a change in their circumstances, resulting in the tenant incurring a substantial amount of arrears. CLS were able to secure a backdated housing payment worth £6,989.29 owing to the landlord.

Case Three London Borough of Wandsworth

The tenant was awarded full rate LHA that was later withdrawn creating an over-payment of £5,275.32 and rent arrears of £4,291.80 recoverable from the landlord.

CLS had the decision overthrown whilst recovering a back dated payment.

Case Four London DWP - Universal Credit

On behalf of the landlord, CLS assisted the claimant in completing a UC claim, after they were wrongly advised that they could not receive ESA and claim UC.

CLS contacted DWP and provided them with the required information and documentation, which resulted in the UC credit claim being re-activated.

Case Five London DWP - Universal Credit

Claimant was paid the housing cost element, which resulted in arrears. We lodged a complaint and applied for payments to be made to the landlord and for a deduction from the claimant’s personal allowance to clear the arrears.

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