Founded in 2009, the Caridon Group is a property conglomerate built on a foundation of experience, belief and entrepreneurial spirit, established by landlords for landlords.

Within five years of launch, the company managed in excess of 1,000 properties in all 32 London Boroughs, employing 30 staff and acquiring land for the development of 800 units. Investment in the Group means we are on course to manage over 5,000 properties by 2020.

With the impending Government role out of Universal Credit, which will replace many existing social security benefits (including housing), Caridon have long been training their experienced team of staff to prepare for the changes that Universal Credit will bring.

We're already seeing a huge rise in the number of landlords and tenants who are experiencing difficulties with the changeover via our sister company Caridon Property Services, which is why we've established CLS to help resolve complex issues, advice and support.

To date, we have recouped hundreds of thousands of missing payments to safe guard the tenancies of those who most need it.

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