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Sustainable growth through long-term investment

Caridon Group provides exceptional, end-to-end residential property solutions throughout the UK. We are focussed on delivering added value on investment and excellent service, while retaining a deep-rooted commitment to the communities we operate in. The Group is a unique, multidisciplinary, independent property specialist with the expertise and capability to deliver a diverse portfolio of services through our subsidiaries; Caridon Holdings, Caridon Developments, Caridon Property, Caridon Landlord Solutions and our not-for-profit arm, Caridon Foundation.

Caridon Group

Caridon Group provides exceptional, end-to-end residential property solutions throughout the UK. Founded in 2009, Caridon Group is a key leader in the UK residential property sector. We have built a cast-iron reputation for making the difficult easy through our combined services and solutions. We provide an award-winning service to tenants and landlords through property management and rental consultancy. We acquire sites and develop outstanding homes for private residents and tenants. We add value to investment and maximise income for landlords.

Our vast range of managed properties and socially responsible services come together within an investment portfolio undergoing rapid growth, offering strategic and long-term investment opportunities and joint venture prospects.

Our success is steered by a board of experienced, dynamic entrepreneurs and experts who are guiding an ambitious expansion plan over the coming five years.

Caridon Group retains the honesty and authenticity that underpin its founding principles. It is forward-thinking and driven by vision, passion and a commitment to excellence.

Caridon Developments

At Caridon Developments, we create desirable homes and communities that people want to live in. We are experts in bringing quality accommodation to market quickly and efficiently. We have built an enviable reputation in both the acquisition and conversion sectors.

Our dynamic acquisition programme means that we are constantly seeking new opportunities for expansion. We identify projects, take them through the planning process and build quality accommodation, which delivers impressive return on investment. Our team of in-house expert planners, contractors, suppliers and craftsmen use vision and expertise to utilise available space to its maximum potential.

Caridon Developments is an agile business with the flexibility to change and adapt to market requirements. In addition to conversions we also develop new-build projects and are expanding outside our core territory to new sites across the South East.

Caridon Property

Caridon Property is the award-winning rent guarantee and management division of the Caridon Group. We work with landlords and property owners to maximise income while minimising the associated risks of the rental market. We offer a versatile range of rent guarantee schemes for individual and portfolio landlords.

The services offer a versatile range for all levels, including individual landlords with single occupancy apartments, high street agents and portfolio and block management owners.

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