Changes to UC in Budget should be permanent

Last week, in his first budget as chancellor, Rishi Sunak announced a £30bn package to tackle the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak. One of the measures included temporarily removing the Minimum Income Floor for Universal Credit claimants, to ensure those on zero-contract hours and the self-employed are not financially worse off if they are forced not to work due to the spread of Coronavirus.

Advance Payments - Kicking the can down the street

This week, the final episode of the BBC2’s "Universal Credit: Inside the Welfare State" aired. Amid mounting criticism, DWP opened the door to BBC cameras. Among the various topics on the final episode, the problems associated with advance payments took centre stage. The final episode took place in Bolton, which has unusually high levels of unemployment for people aged between 17 and 24. Around 500 people move onto Universal Credit every month.

“Like going to a chippy that’s got no chips”

Episode 2 - ‘Universal Credit: Inside the Welfare State When Universal Credit was launched, it was promised it would be cheaper to run than the old system. Since 2010, an estimated £37 billion has been cut from the welfare budget and 25,000 staff working in jobcentres. The plight of this was highlighted in this week’s second episode of BBC’s Universal Credit: Inside the Welfare State. The documentary visited Toxteth Jobcentre in Merseyside, where 2000 people sign up or move over to Universal Credit every month.

BBC Two’s three part-series into Universal Credit

On Tuesday 4th February we saw the first of BBC Two’s three-part series about ‘Universal Credit: Inside the Welfare State’. Universal Credit is the biggest overhaul of the welfare state in a generation. It was designed to simplify the benefits systems and encourage the unemployed into work.

UC recipients must report changes or risk payments stopping

Payments to those in receipt of Universal Credit vary from person to person to take into account individual circumstances which affect them. However, what many do not realise is that the slightest error cannot only impact a claimant financially, but cause difficulties later down the line. Therefore, it is important that if a claimant’s circumstances change at any point they inform Department for Work and Pensions as soon as possible.

Landlords unable to identify payments for UC tenants

Caridon Landlord Solutions is calling on The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to urgently address the changes to its payment system, which have left landlords unable to identify which housing cost payments of Universal Credit should be allocated to which tenants.