Your Universal Credit payments may change over Christmas...

Universal Credit is paid on a monthly basis, after the initial payment. The date for when it is paid is changing for some people during December, due to the Christmas holidays.

Tips on the Legalities of Letting

Landlord responsibilities have increased tenfold over the last few years as the government has introduced a raft of new legislation designed to protect tenants. The difficulty is that the vast majority of landlords are not seasoned professionals, but rather people who purchased or inherited an extra property and use it to prop up their income. This means that many landlords struggle to keep on top of the changes. However, failing to comply with legal obligations as a landlord can be a costly mistake, particularly if the relationship between tenant and landlord breaks down and the landlord seeks to recover possession of the property.

Vote for CLS as Best Property Education Provider

Caridon Landlord Solutions is delighted to have been shortlisted in the category of ‘Best Property Education Provider’ at this year’s National LIS Awards.

HIGHLY COMMENDED - Croydon Business Excellence Awards

I’m so honoured to have been Highly Commended in the Croydon Business Excellence Awards, in the category of Women in Business.

Labour plans to scrap UC: CLS says improve don’t lose

Rarely does a week go by when the media doesn’t contain a story relating to Universal Credit and the impact it is having on claimants and landlords alike. It can be difficult to cut through the noise and know exactly what the truth is. Then, just last week, the media reported that the Labour Party, should they come into power, plans to scrap Universal Credit altogether.

Written off rent arrears before considering debt recovery?

A tenant falling into arrears, or simply not paying at all, is a stressful situation, especially if communication between the tenant and landlord has broken down and led to an eviction. Of course, the circumstances can be tricky to navigate, especially if the tenant has not just stopped paying through choice but has fallen into financial difficulty. The tendency for some landlords is to assume that recovering the money will be too much hassle and to write it off as a bad experience. In some circumstances, this may well be the case, but not always.