Providing Essential Services to British Landlords

Caridon Landlord Solutions (CLS) is a dedicated consultancy service specialising in Housing Benefit and Universal Credit advice for private landlords and housing associations. On the back of their recognition in SME News Magazine’s 2019 Business Elite programme, we spoke with Sherrelle Collman, Commercial Business Director for the firm, to find out more about their expertise in this important area of the property sector.

Part of the wider Caridon Group, Caridon Landlord Solutions have become impressive stalwarts in an industry which has long been in desperate need of a guiding influence. With the aim of being a one-stop-shop for new and experienced landlords alike, CLS have helped their clients navigate the often-complex tenancy minefield, offering an undeniable expertise in all matters involved with renting accommodation.

To start, Sherrelle offers more information on CLS and its staff: “Our staff are specialists in their fields, and are well informed about current regulations, offering an invaluable support network and expert guidance at a competitive price enabling landlords to access offered services at any point of the tenancy life cycle. CLS deals with a huge range of issues including Housing Benefit claims, Universal Credit landlord issues, management of debt collection, and tribunals.”

Though they primarily cater to landlords, CLS are also aware of the social responsibility involved with being aware of the tenants and their needs, often acting as a mediator between the two parties.

Providing Essential Services and Solutions to British Landlords

This approach has, by all regards, helped to differentiate them in a rather crowded industry: “Due to our tact, we have received numerous positive testimonials from both landlords and tenants, and have been shortlisted for several awards – our latest being the LIS Best Property Educator of 2018. Alongside the greater Caridon Group, we have built a cast-iron reputation for making the difficulty easy through our comprehensive services and solutions. More than that, we add value to investment and maximise income for landlords.”

The future of CLS can be defined by a sort of continuation, as they look to capitalise on their successes and strengthen what they have built so far. “CLS want to continue to influence government policy on Welfare Reform and provide advice to the DWP on the newly developed programme, providing them with solutions to make the service more user friendly to landlords. We also want to enhance our social media presence and to provide an online case tracker portal providing real time information for our clients.”

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