Universal Credit: Housing Queries Routeway

?Department for Work and Pensions has issued updated guidance for landlords. The housing queries routeway provides guidance on how to resolve landlord queries about Universal Credit. It includes links to online information, as well as telephone numbers for specialist support.

In most cases, landlords should attempt to resolve any claim or payment issues with their tenant. It will usually be the case that they can address the issue through their online Universal Credit journal.

Remember, The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will need explicit consent you’re your tenant before talking to you, the landlord, or other third party (including family members) about a claim. Tenants can provide consent through their online Universal Credit journal.

At Caridon Landlord Solutions we are also here to help you with any queries you may have in relation to Universal Credit or getting through to the right department.

The Housing Queries Routeway give landlords general information about Universal Credit and rented housing, guidance on deductions and service charges.

Landlords can also find out about a request for a managed payment or rent arrears deduction, alternative payment arrangements, applications for third party deductions and third-party payments

Take a look at the Housing Queries Routeway HERE

If you have a tenant on Universal Credit you may wish to read the quarterly Universal Credit landlord engagement newsletter available on the Government website HERE

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