Complaints, Breeches + Problems

Difficulties and problems are stressful, time consuming and costly. In many cases strict procedures and protocols have to be followed within set timeframes.

Often, landlords find themselves in uncharted territory when it comes to complaints and problems. They need reliable, knowledgeable support. CLS, with the backing of the Caridon Group, has a wealth of experience to guide you through disputes and problems.

Absent tenants and abandonment

Abandonment is a major problem for landlords and taking abandoned properties back is fraught with legal pitfalls. We have the expertise and experience to get your investment back.

Tenant and landlord mediation

Our mediators have experience in a huge range of issues dealing with disputes between landlords and tenants or between tenants sharing accommodation. They will work for you to gain a swift, agreeable resolution.

Breach of tenancy

When a tenant breaches conditions of the tenancy our advisors will counsel you on the best path forward.

Environmental health issues

Landlords can find themselves in dispute with tenants and with local authority environmental health departments for a range of issues. 

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