Inspections + Access

Your property could be an investment, something you wish to pass on to your children or your pension plan. As a landlord you want to protect it and you want tenants who will respect and look after it. With over 1,000 properties in our care, we are able to ensure the best service for our clients.

Property inspections

Landlords have a legal right to inspect their properties at regular intervals. If it is impractical for you to be present and conduct the inspections yourself, it is still advisable to have someone make regular inspections on your behalf. Our trustworthy and experienced agents can conduct thorough inspections for you, photographically recording details and informing you of any issues that have or may arise.

Arranging access

In order to gain access to your rented property you need to follow the correct procedures, giving the right amount of notification and providing written notice. CLS understand the process and can do this for you. 

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