Section 8 + 21

Issuing a section 8 or 21 notice to remove a tenant is difficult, time consuming, stressful and can be costly.

There are many legal requirements attached to the process and one small oversight can end up costing considerably.

Filing either a section 8 or 21 notice

We know the procedures inside out and thanks to our experience we also know the pitfalls to avoid. Our consultants will do the work for you, protecting you from any legal problems that can arise through incorrect practice.

Applying for county court or high court bailiffs

If the tenant fails to vacate your property, you may require the services of a bailiff. Eviction is stressful and upsetting. Our fully representative service will take the strain and allow you to get your property back as quickly as legally possible. We will also arrange for the services of a locksmith to make sure your property is safe and secure once it returns to your possession. 


Serve a Notice (Section 8)

Serve a Notice (Section 21)

Serve both a Section 8 and Section 21

Applying for Possession (Section 8)
£199.00 plus (HMRCTS court fee £325.00)

Applying for Possession (Section 21)
£199.00 plus (HMRCTS court fee £355.00)

Applying for a Bailiff
£99.00 plus (HMRCTS bailiff fee £121.00)


Section 21 Notice, Possession & Bailiff

Section 8 Notice, Possession & Bailiff

* This includes all court fees, advocate fees and applying for bailiff warrants

On the rare occasion of hearings exceeding 15 minutes or where additional hearings are called by the judge, further charges will apply.

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